Appropriate Design


Work Philosophy

Appropriate Design, the name itself is suggestive of our work philosophy.

Concern for appropriateness—social, environmental and cultural—

is the spirit behind the projects taken up by us.

Areas of work

Planning of communication strategies

Art direction

Design for limited edition art books

Publication design for print, digital hypermedia and websites

Visual identity design

Signage systems and environmental graphics

Exhibition design

Packaging and visual merchandising


Award and trophy design

Development communications

Product development, training, research and documentation for crafts and fair-trade livelihoods


Within the boundaries of our work philosophy and work ethics, we have been associated with a wide variety of selected clients and projects in public and private sector, education institutions, government and non-government organizations as well as individuals (artists, designers, educators, authors and activists).

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Sanjeev Bothra*


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Appropriate Design

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